Orlando, FL – August 25, 2023 

Reflecting on an extraordinary event that took place last week, a powerful synergy between the City of Orlando, the Orlando MBDA Business Center, and the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) delivered an event that was nothing short of remarkable. The atmosphere was electric with the promise of growth and innovation, all thanks to a dynamic and unique technical assistance speed dating program. 

This collaborative effort was brought together to ignite business development and facilitate connections that truly matter. The event served as a testament to what can be achieved when organizations with a shared vision unite for a common purpose. 

A notable mention of gratitude goes to Co-Chairman, Jason Albu, whose instrumental role went beyond just being a driving force behind the event’s success. Jason, also a distinguished Chairman of NAMC, showcased unwavering dedication in creating an event that would foster genuine and lasting connections among attendees. 

More than a mere gathering, the event provided an invaluable platform for local businesses to convene, exchange insights, and form partnerships that hold the potential to catapult our community toward a brighter future. The collaboration exemplified during this event serves as a testament to the transformative power of cooperation and its ability to drive real-world change. 

As we reflect on this event, we are reminded of the immense value in coming together to collectively push boundaries, explore opportunities, and pave the way for a prosperous future. The event underscored the belief that by collaborating, businesses and organizations can create a ripple effect of positive impact, propelling both individual growth and community advancement.

Albu & Associates General Contractors is proud to have played a part in supporting this event, reflecting our commitment to fostering growth and empowerment in the realm of Minority Owned Enterprises. As we continue to support events that prioritize diversity, collaboration, and growth, we look forward to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem that celebrates innovation and inclusivity.